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Pink Logic

Sep 07 2017

Happy Birthday Star Trek

'tis only logical

Logic dictates that on the 50th Birthday of Star Trek you must feed us ‘mingos while at the Port of Air, fur CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! … . .. … ahem.. …whaa?? .. ?

Apologizes — that was my ‘mingo side lashing out. I shall endeavor to keep my pink side in check until . … wa How long do i have to check myself ?! Oh. right, ...

I shall endeavor to keep my pink side in check until the day after tomorrow. Logic dictates it ... well fur cryin' ... hem !

TAKE Toooooooo!

Logic dictates that on 8 September 2016, the 50th Birthday of Star Trek, you should give the flamingos, at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, nourishment. It is, in the final analysis, the logical thing to do.

Live long and prosper. For weeping out loud.

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