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Welcome to the website of SGF. Please explore this site and learn about the airport.

Figuring out how to "get a job" at the airport is complicated. That's because there isn't any one organization that does business here — there are airlines. Rental car agencies. Restaurants. Gift shops. National Guard ... the list goes on and on. Each company has its own hiring policies and procedures.

The infomation on this page focuses on the larger organizations that operate at the airport beginning with the city of Springfield.

The city owns and operates the airport. "Airport" is defined as the land, buildings, runways, and other infrastructure. The city is, in essence, a land lord — it operates the airport infrastructure and leases space to other businesses. Airport job openings with the city are listed below. Contact information for other companies is below that.

City of Springfield Airport Job Opportunities

Click here for a list of airport openings with the city of Springfield.


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