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Baby Names

Sep 05 2014

Mad As a Wet Hen!

Wild night parties in Willard come to an end!

Oh my!

Is it …?

Could it be? Yes! It’s Farah Flamingo!

Yankey, the airport bird warden, found her the other day down in Pink Lagoon after the big rain. She’d been hiding in a drainage pipe when whoosh …. out she came sputtering, wet, and cussing up a storm. Yankey grabbed her quick and held her up for all to see!

“Look what I found!” He was pleased …

Farah went missing over four months ago after being birdnapped by Mutt and Jeff. Well, turns out she hadn’t been kidnapped at all. She’d persuaded the weak minded duo to fake the kidnapping so she could get out of doing Uncle Pinkley's chores.

She’d spent the last four months going to wild night parties in Willard — then dragging herself back to the airport for a good day’s sleep.

So anyhow ….

Franchesca got stuck with the job of discipline (Pinkely said he’d help but that he was too busy playing tiddlywinks).

She thought and thought.

“What’s suitable punishment for a renegade 3-year old flamingo?"

Farah sulked and played with her eye lashes.

“I’ve got it! Baby names ..."

Farah’s beak fell open … her eyes welled up with tears.

“Not baby names …noooooooooo ….!”

Franchesca knew she’d found the perfect punishment!

“Yes, the chicks need names and you’ve got just three weeks to come up with a list of possibilities. Remember, all must start with F, and in the end we’ll pick three. You’re going to need a long list!”

Farah stared at the ground. For once in her life she had nothing to say … then …

"Can Mutt and Jeff help?"

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