Feb 01 2016 Aviation Bytes — News to Start the Week BY sgf-admin TAGS


PreCheck starts at SGF February 17. That word comes from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

If you’re approved for PreCheck you’ll be able to use a dedicated lane at the security check point and receive “expedited screening.” That’s jargon that means you won’t have to remove your shoes, belt, or “light jacket.” And you don’t have to take liquids and computers out of the bag.

Aug 29 2014 The Beginning of the End of Small Jets in Springfield BY sgf-admin TAGS

The post Labor Day season begins with an event of some note at our airport: a legacy airline will bring big jet service back to Springfield: barring a schedule change Delta will bring a Boeing 717 here Tuesday evening about 7:45.

The event is noteworthy because it likely marks the beginning of the end of regional jet service in Springfield.

May 22 2014 A Bigger Plane, Fares Down, Passenger Numbers Up ... BY sgf-admin TAGS


Lots of good news to share today ... let's begin with the Boeing 717.

Delta Air Lines begins Boeing 717 service here on September 2. The plane will serve the Springfield-Atlanta route. Right now we have five daily Atlanta flights on 50-seat regional jets. In September a 717 will serve one of those flights. That means four Atlanta flights a day on 50-seaters, and one on a 717, which has 110 seats.

Apr 18 2012 Strange, But True? BY sgf-admin TAGS


We've been following for several weeks the back and forth speculation in the business press about Delta Air Lines getting into the oil business...yes, you read right. The oil business.

This week a credible new organization, Reuters, took the story beyond idle gossip and rumor mongering...

Jun 17 2011 Status of Delta in Springfield? BY sgf-admin TAGS


Tim writes with a question: "Are there any plans to bring back flights from Springfield to Detroit or Minneapolis?  Also, I am having more difficulty planning trips for a timely arrival beginning in August.  Please tell me Delta is not cutting back flights to/from Memphis or Atlanta. Further, are there any plans to add New York City?"

Apr 28 2011 Customer Service Awards at SGF BY sgf-admin TAGS


We’re pleased to report that two Springfield airline offices have won customer service awards. The office (or “station”, as it’s known in industry jargon) handling Delta flights in Springfield has been named 2010 Station of the Year in its tier group, which includes 38 medium size cities. The award scorecard included customer service, on-time performance, and baggage handling.