Follow Up on the Demise of Regional Jets

Oct 01 2012 Follow Up on the Demise of Regional Jets BY sgf-admin TAGS Airlines


Image of regional jet

Last week's posting about the soon-to-be phasing out of regional jets prompted these comments and questions from SGFpilot:

"Yeah for bigger jets at SGF!! That's always exciting. DO you think it will be the bigger 70-90seat RJ's like the CRJ-900 and Embraer 170/190 replacing the  50 seat CRJ-200's and EMB-145? OR will it be out with the RJ's alltogether and some Airbus A-318's, 737's, MD-80/DC-9's coming in? Any insight?"

It's hard to say exactly what will replace the 50-seats-or-less regional jets (RJs) in Springfield, but here are some candidates:


I suspect many of you are happy with the thought of bigger jets. But there is a down side: fewer flights...

Example: right now American has seven daily flights to Dallas. Let's assume that all these flights are on 50 seat aircraft. That's a total of 350 seats a day. Suppose American switched to 90 seat jets. It would only need four flights a day to carry the same number of people. The reduction in flights means that travelers have less flexibility flying to/from Dallas.


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