Old Noisy Horse Goes Out to Pasture


"What was that loud airplane we heard last night about ten o'clock?"

Sometimes people ask it like a question; other times it's an accusation...

Regardless, we've been getting for years — especially in the dead of winter when the cold air seems to amplify the uproar. Our answer is always the same. "That's the Federal Express 727 cargo plane. It lands every night about ten o'clock."

Image of Federal Express 727 jet

People from all over the Springfield metro ask the question, but it usually comes from those living in southwest Springfield. Have any of you noticed that the punctual ten o'clock roar is no more? That's right. FedEx put the old beast out to pasture about two weeks ago. It's been replaced by a much newer, and much less noisy, 757 (bottom photo).

The top photo shows one of the old 727s on our cargo ramp. They were made between 1963 and 1984. You won't find many in passenger service these days — most were converted to cargo planes long ago.

FedEx started retiring them several years ago for a host of reasons: they're old and expensive to maintain, they guzzle gas, and, oh yes, they make a lot of racket! In contrast 757s are much newer (less expensive to maintain), more fuel efficient, and much less noisy.

I keep on waiting for someone to call and ask why the ten o'clock hour is so quiet!


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