Turn Off All Your Devices (no particular reason, just do it).


Have you been keeping up with the all the silliness surrounding the Alec Baldwin affair? In case you haven't, here's the story in 140 characters or less!

"Actor Baldwin kicked off AA flight after refusing to turn off electronic device. Twitter wars and media hysteria ensue. Seriously."

If you need more than 140 characters worth of details, try this. Or this. Maybe this, or this one.......anyway,

The whole thing is even sillier when put in the context of a New York Times story that ran about a week before the Baldwin Affair. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the federal entity that came up with the "turn off all your devices" rule. The Times ran this quote from an FAA spokesman:

“There was no evidence saying these devices can’t interfere with a plane, and there was no evidence saying that they can...There have never been any reported accidents from these kinds of devices on planes."


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