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On May 23 the airport holds its tri-annual disaster drill. Media are invited to attend. The drill should be particularly visual this year.

Normally these drills work like this: firefighters and medical crews respond to a reported plane crash. When they get to the scene they find plane parts strewn about, and actors with mock injuries. There is no smoldering fuselage, no fire. When it comes to realism, the exercise falls short.

This year realism gets a boost: there’s going to be...


For the seventh consecutive year the Springfield-Branson National Airport has received a “discrepancy free” safety inspection from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Airports that have scheduled airline service are inspected every year by the FAA for compliance with federal aviation safety rules.

“Just one discrepancy free inspection is an accomplishment in itself,” says Shawn Schroder, the airport’s assistant director of aviation for operations. “To do it seven years...