Reveling in the Years, Part 2


May 6 marks the 10th anniversary of the airport’s current terminal. To mark the birthday we’re spending the next few weeks looking back at the airport’s previous terminals.

Our previous post ended with the photograph that begins this post: three men looking at what appears to be building site plans for the airport’s second terminal. It’s 1961. The man in the middle is the airport’s second director, Lester Jones.

The second photo is from 1962 or 1963. It shows the second terminal being built right in front of the first terminal. It’s an interesting photograph for several reasons, but we want to point out is that that it shows us where the photo of the three men was taken.

Take a look at the enlarged area of the terminal photo. See the travel trailer the trio stood next to? The trio photo was taken in the area between the trailer and the chain link fence.

The photos document continuous change: the old radar tower goes away. The control tower is torn down. Parking lots get bigger. Check out the comparison views in photo nine. It shows the second terminal in about 1970. Then you see the same view as shown on Google Maps today. The last five photos show an airport brochure from about 1965.

In next week’s post we’ll continue our look back at the second terminal. By the time it was retired, in 2009, it didn’t bear much resemblance to the way it started out in 1964!


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The airport's second director, Lester Jones, stands in the middle.




The trio was photographed standing next to the
travel trailer which served as the airport cop shop.


C.1964. The second terminal under construction.


C.1964. The second terminal under construction.


C.1964. The second terminal shown after completion.
This photo was on the cover of the Springfield phone book.


A post card from the mid 1960's shows the second terminal.


c.1970. The Delta airliner is a Convair 240.
The hanger building in the background still stands.
It's now home to Premier Flight Center,
and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Check it out in the comparison photos.


Photo on the right c.1970.
Image on the right is from Google Maps
and shows what the view looks like today.


We spy two 1967 Ford Galaxies.
Anyone see any cars newer than that?
Right now we're going to call this 1967!


The second terminal in the mid 1970's.


Airport brochure, c.1965.


Airport brochure, c.1965, page 2.


Airport brochure, c.1965, page 3.


Airport brochure, c.1965, page 4.


Airport brochure, c.1965, page 5.



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