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Reveling in the Years, Part 4

Apr 22 2019

In just three weeks our airport’s current terminal will be ten years old. It opened May 6, 2009. We’ve spent the past few weeks posting photographs of terminals that came before.

Last week’s post ended with photographs of the airport’s second terminal, which opened in 1964, and closed May 5, 2009.

This week’s post begins with an aerial view of the 1964 terminal as it appeared in the 1970s. Take a look. Check out the control tower. The current terminal is located behind the tower. Geographically speaking, the 1964 terminal (located at 5000 West Kearney) is on the east side of the airport. The tower, along with the current terminal, are located on the west side of the airport.

Move on to the second photo. This shows the site of the current terminal about six weeks before the ground breaking ceremony. The camera is looking east.

The third photo is the ground breaking ceremony. It was a beautiful spring day, May 17, 2006.

The fourth photo is on June 22, 2006 — a day marked by the arrival of heavy earth-moving equipment.

Photo five is June 22, 2006. The big Caterpillars move tons of rock and millions of square yards of dirt.

The final photo is an aerial take on August 8, 2006. It’s on the west side of the airport, looking east. The control tower is in the middle of the photo. Below the tower is the dirt turned area where the current terminal will rise. Above the tower you can see the 1964 terminal. The road leading from the top of the 1964 terminal is West Kearney Street.

In next week’s post we’ll see the current terminal start its rise from the ground. See you then!


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