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When You're Ready ...

Current federal regulations do not require a Covid test or a vaccination in order to fly domestically. However, you do need to wear a mask in the terminal and on the aircraft.

When you're ready to fly again, we're here for you.

With enhanced cleaning, social distancing, and masking.

To get you there safely.


When it comes to non-stop destinations, our airport has fared well during the pandemic. The airlines have maintained non-stop service from Springfield to 12 destinations.

Bottom line: it’s easy to fly within the continental United States. Travel to many foreign countries is trickier due to travel restrictions and fewer overseas flights. Do your research before buying tickets.


As mandated by federal law, everyone entering the terminal must wear a mask. Additionally, masks are required on-board the airplane. No mask, no fly.

Inside the terminal custodians are busy cleaning surfaces that people touch: counter tops, door handles, restrooms. Furniture is wiped down several times a day. Hand sanitizing stations are located at strategic locations throughout the terminal.

Image of custodians cleaning

At the security check point TSA staff wear masks, rubber gloves, and face shields. The gray bins are cleaned after every use.

Counters have sneeze guards. Social distance stickers mark the floor. Airlines deep clean aircraft every day.

At times, our terminal smells hospital clean. This effort is not unique to Springfield — it’s going on at airports across the country.

All of us look forward to welcoming you back — when you’re ready.

Image of people wearing masks at our airport

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