Winter Weather Flight Tips

Image of snowflakeThe best way to figure out your flight’s status is to contact your airline –– check often. Airline contact information is in the box on the right.


During winter weather many people try to determine a flight's status by finding out if the airport is "open" or "closed." This is the wrong approach.


When the airport is open flights are still cancelled for other reasons, including: 1) weather conditions at connecting airports, 2) sometimes airlines cancel flights to avoid the high cost of winter operations, and 3) ice build-up on a plane may prevent takeoff, even when the runways are ice free and the airport is open.


The best way to determine flight status is to call your airline's toll free phone number, or to visit your airline's web site (airline contact information is on the right). Please do not call the airport and ask to be connected to a local airline office. Local airline offices do not accept calls.


The Flight Arrival and Flight Departure page on this website may provide accurate information about flight status. However, the data on that page comes from airline computer systems. Unfortunately, airlines don't always keep the data up to date.


If a flight is in the air, outbound or inbound from our airport, it's very easy to determine its status. Take a look at the Flight View Map by clicking here. The data feeding this map comes directly from the Federal Aviation Administration. The only flights that show up on this map are the ones actually in the air.


The map shown below shows which airports are experiencing significant delays.