Aug 17 2007 Change the Airport Name? BY sgf-admin TAGS


Michael says, "I know that Branson was added to the airport name for marketing purposes and to produce less confusion with other Springfields probably , but I've always thought the Branson name was a slap in the face to Springfield and surrounding communities.  Any thought of changing the name to Ozarks National or something of the like to drop the Branson name but avoid the Springfield confusion?"


Aug 15 2007 How Does the Airport Get New Service? BY sgf-admin TAGS


Reggie wants to know, "Is the airport or other powers to be actively seeking new airlines and destinations for our airport. If so, is any of that going on now, and how does that work. In other words, are we trying to lure additional service airlines and/or locations to our city at this time, and can you comment on what exactly is being done."


Aug 06 2007 Welcome! BY sgf-admin TAGS


At last, it's done--the Springfield-Branson National Airport has a new web site. To all of you--the customers of the airport--I apologize. This site is long overdue.

One of our new web features is this blog. It's purpose is straight forward: we want to share information with you and we want to hear what you have to say. I'll pass on news about the airlines and fares that could affect you. Got a question? Ask it. I'll give a straight answer. There's only one ground rule: civil conversation.

On to the news at hand...