"The U.S. House will vote on a bill today that would eliminate the Essential Air Service program by 2013 in all states but Alaska and Hawaii."

That news has small cities across the country bracing themselves today. We stay out of politics around here, but today we will make a political prediction: if Essential Air Service funding is eliminated the political fallout will be brutal. Leaders in small cities, both democrat and republican, will assail their federal lawmakers with a vengeance.

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Aug 27 2007 Follow-up to "Cheaper Fares in Tulsa" BY sgf-admin TAGS


"Watcjer" pursues a couple of great questions in follow-up to last week's posting "Cheaper Fares in Tulsa:"


"I frequently fly to west coast. As usual...I can fly out of JOPLIN or FAYETTEVILLE cheaper than Springfield. I usually purchase on cheaptickets.com. At present, for a fall trip, I can fly out of either JLN or XNA for $343.00 roundtrip. It costs $510.00 out of Springfield. Why can they have competitive pricing? Are their markets larger too?"