Feb 04 2010 Airport Bucks National Trend: Growth in 2009 BY sgf-admin TAGS


It’s good news in hard times—our airport is the only major airport in the region to finish 2009 with positive passenger growth. We posted a four percent increase in total passengers, when compared to the year before. The growth came despite an 11 percent cut in the airport’s 2009 flight schedule. Similar cuts occurred at airports across the country. As a whole, the nation’s airports experienced approximately a 6% decline in passengers.

Jan 29 2010 Flying Fibs BY sgf-admin TAGS


image of snowflake The blast of winter weather we’re having today makes it the perfect time to talk about winter weather and how airports and airlines deal with it. Winter weather isn’t fun at airports. Some of the reasons are obvious, others not so much.

Aug 24 2009 The Fire Wall BY sgf-admin TAGS


Over the weekend the Springfield paper printed a letter written by a citizen who is concerned about the airport’s new fire station. Rather than responding in the paper (and in the process helping to fan the flames and stir its pot further), let us offer a cool, objective response. Civil discourse, if you will.