Jun 04 2020 Busier Times BY sgf-admin TAGS


It’s getting busier around here, but it’s not exactly busy.

Here’s another way of putting it …

In early April we frequently had less than 100 outbound passengers per day. Last week the average number was up to about 550 per day. That sounds really good until you consider that last year at this time we had between 1700 and 2000 outbound passengers per day.

Jan 22 2020 2019 Was a Record Year at SGF BY sgf-admin TAGS


You’ve done it again. 2019 was another record-breaking year for our airport! The total passenger count for the year was 1,187,068. That’s up 10.4% over the year before. Thank you for flying Springfield!

And not to overwhelm you with numbers, but 2019 marked our eighth consecutive year of growth — between 2011 and 2019 our passenger numbers grew a sizzling 62%. Wow!

Why such strong growth? It boils down to a good local economy. When the economy is strong folks have more expendable income. That means more people fly.

Oct 28 2019 Expediting Your Journey through TSA Checkpoints BY sgf-admin TAGS



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides protection for airline patrons through the use of security checkpoints, a federal program designed to keep passengers safe. While this process is vital to the security of our passengers, we understand that this can seem like a burden to the busy traveler. To get through security at our airport safely and quickly, follow these tips. 


Oct 04 2019 Holiday Flying Tips BY sgf-admin TAGS

Are you ready for the holiday flying season? It'll be here before you know it so we've got some holiday flying tips for you!

The holidays are the time of year when infrequent (or first time) fliers fill airports across the country. With that thought in mind the we offer the following tips for new and infrequent fliers -

Apr 29 2019 Reveling in the Years, Part 5 BY sgf-admin TAGS


Welcome to part five of our continuing posts on our airport’s history. Why the look back? Well, we’ve got a birthday coming up! On May 6 the airport’s current terminal will be ten years old.

But there’s something else as well …

Airport terminals are special places. It doesn’t have anything to do with brick and mortar. It’s about emotion. It’s about our connections to each other, and distant places.

Think about it — an airport terminal is special because …

It’s where family reunions take place …

Where you took your first airplane ride …