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This week a small part piece of airport history bites the proverbial dust.

When the red brick building comes tumbling down on Wednesday hardly anyone will notice — except, perhaps, a few airport rescue firefighters. Some of them spent many a long shift in that building — it’s the old airport firehouse.

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"What was that loud airplane we heard last night about ten o'clock?"

Sometimes people ask it like a question; other times it's an accusation...

Regardless, we've been getting for years — especially in the dead of winter when the cold air seems to amplify the uproar. Our answer is always the same. "That's the Federal Express 727 cargo plane. It lands every night about ten o'clock."

Image of Federal Express 727 jet

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I've got a bunch of tid-bits to share, none of which really deserve their own posting. Here they are, in no particular order...

I spent part of last week in Dallas at the International Aviation Forecast Summit. It's an annual event that includes airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturers. Here are a few of the summit's insights:


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Carl writes in with this:


"This is nothing but spin tactics by SGF–Just last week, you were saying this was never possible. You even brought in your big Shot from Boyd Aviation to tell us, “Write this down” “No” Branson is not going to get a mainine low cost carrier. SGF is still a joke and always will be. You should close shop and send all of your flights to BBG."