Economic Downturn Affecting Airport?

Feb 29 2008 Economic Downturn Affecting Airport? BY sgf-admin TAGS Misc.


Cliff wonders:


"Has the airport noticed a decline in travelers since the recent economic problems. I wonder what effect this downturn will have on not only the airline industry but our airport as well. I fear we may lose service to some cities." We haven't had a decline—yet. In fact, passenger numbers were up in January by five percent. If we're going to see a decline in passenger numbers, it probably won't happen for another month or two. That's because a lot of people flying right now booked their flights weeks, or even several months ago.


As for your concerns about losing service, there is that possibility. We'll be doing well this year if we get by without any service cuts. See previous discussions on this topic by clicking here and here.

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