Status of Delta in Springfield?

Jun 17 2011 Status of Delta in Springfield? BY sgf-admin TAGS Delta


Tim writes with a question: "Are there any plans to bring back flights from Springfield to Detroit or Minneapolis?  Also, I am having more difficulty planning trips for a timely arrival beginning in August.  Please tell me Delta is not cutting back flights to/from Memphis or Atlanta. Further, are there any plans to add New York City?"

Delta tells us that it’s extremely unlikely that flights to Detroit and Minneapolis will return to Springfield. From the airline’s point-of-view, there wasn’t enough demand. There is the remote chance that Minneapolis could return in the future as seasonal service (spring through late summer). But two things would have to happen first: 1) there would have to be a marked upturn in the economy, and 2) the price of fuel would have to go way down.

As for Memphis, we believe that service will continue because it is making money for the airline. That being said, Delta is paring back its hub operations in Memphis, so there’s always the chance that the airline could reduce or eliminate the service.

Atlanta is safe and sound. The SGF-ATL route is a money maker and Delta added an Atlanta flight on June 9, so we now have four a day.

New York City is not in the cards in the foreseeable future. It’s more profitable for the airlines to connect an Springfield passenger to New York through a hub, such as Chicago O'Hare.


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