Allegiant Expansion Plans

May 06 2011 Allegiant Expansion Plans BY sgf-admin TAGS Allegiant


The head man at Allegiant, Andrew Levy, is publicly talking about his airline's expansion plans. According to Aviation Week, "Allegiant Air expects to be offering service to Mexico and Canada within two years, the president of the airline’s parent company says, and it could end up offering some service to the northern part of South America as well."

Any expansion outside the continental United States will rely heavily on the airline's recent purchase of several Boeing 757s. Initially, Allegiant said it planned to use the 757s to provide service to Hawaii. That move has been delayed by several regulatory issues, including the federal certification needed to fly the planes over water for long periods of time.

Flying to international destinations presents its own unique challenges — one of the biggest is U.S. Customs. To get its customers back to the United States, Allegiant will have to bring them to a U.S. airport with a Customs' office that's staffed and equipped to process a large number of people. That sounds easy, but here's the catch... Most of the small U.S. cities served by Allegiant do not have a large Customs' office. Springfield falls into this category. Our Customs' office is generally staffed by one person. They spend most of their time processing cargo.


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