Feud Widens

Jan 06 2011 Feud Widens BY sgf-admin TAGS Fares


"Sabre Holdings Corp., a provider of airfare data to travel agencies, will stop carrying American Airlines flight information in August as a dispute over online ticket sales escalates."

That's the lede in a story from Bloomberg News. As we pointed out a couple of days ago, American is trying to regain control over its ticket sales by taking the middle men out (the middle men being travel web sites like Expedia and Orbitz). This newest development is more than a bit startling because Sabre is American's offspring.

American and IBM launched Sabre in 1960. Billed at the world's "first real-time business application...it enabled American Airlines to replace the handwritten passenger reservations system of the 1950s with the automated reservations system for the future."

Sabre split from American in 2000. Most people have probably never heard of the company. But it's a major behind the scenes player in the travel industry. The fact that it has now joined the fray is bad news for American.


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