Is The Airport's Flow Reversing?

Dec 05 2009 Is The Airport's Flow Reversing? BY sgf-admin TAGS Fares


Michael makes interesting comments in response to a posting earlier this week about Allegiant Air, and its motivations for flying to Orlando International Airport (MCO), rather than Orlando-Sanford airport:


"...after reading the previous blog regarding the change to MCO. Interestingly enough, they are “not a soft option” as yesterday I was speaking with a friend in LA and he was telling me about an associate who wanted to go to LA from STL, but did not want to pay “$600″ to fly there. In the last month I flew to LAX with Allegiant and was telling him about it. Well he passed this along and his associate is driving to SGF from St. Louis to fly to LAX. I guess the flow of passengers is reversing."


Michael points out what we've been noticing for some time: there is reverse flow taking place. It's not huge, but it is happening and it seems to be increasing.


Just to be clear on what we're talking about here...


For years anywhere between 12 to 30 percent of Springfield's potential airport customers have flown from other airports because fares were cheaper. Now we're getting people driving from St. Louis and Kansas City to Springfield because our fares are lower. And Allegiant's low fares from Springfield aren't the only reason. Delta, United and American also get some of the credit.


The example that sticks out in my mind is the couple I met in May at our new terminal's grand opening. They were getting ready to fly from Springfield to Frankfort, Germany. Their roundtrip fare was $475 a piece. They said the roundtrip cost from St. Louis was $700 to $800 a piece.

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