LAX Service Suspended

Nov 13 2012 LAX Service Suspended BY sgf-admin TAGS Allegiant

Allegiant has officially told us that it’s suspending its service between Springfield and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in mid-January. The news was not unexpected. The airline told us several months ago that it could happen due to operational issues at LAX.

According to several media reports those operational issues include construction, and a lack of gate and counter space. As a result, Allegiant began suspending LAX service early in the fall in cities across the country. Our service is apparently one of the last to go.

Note that I’m using the phrase “suspending service,” rather than, “cutting service.” On Sunday Allegiant told me that it’s “actively working to find a way to make the route successful long term." In other words, Allegiant hopes to bring the service back. Exactly what that means remains to be seen…

My best guess is that the airline will dump LAX and fly to another airport in the Los Angeles area. There are plenty to choose from: Santa Barbara, Burbank, Orange County, Long Beach, and Ontario.

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